After the best effort to build the North East Indian Region strong with VIP Turbo & Xcellent TMT Bars, Vision Group gives importance to Water Purification of the North Eastern States of India. With an aim of cherishing this object, a Packaged Drinking Water Unit is coming up soon in the name of Vision Foods and Beverages under Vision Group of Companies. This company is managed by a group of professionals like that of other companies of Vision Group. A state of the art Water Treatment Plant is being constructed to maintain the quality of the process and the plant.
Registered Office

Vision Ispat Pvt. Ltd.
Vision Metalik Company
Vision Foods & Beverage
H. S. Road
Dibrugarh - 786001
Phone No : 8876530924/8486041894
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Factory Address

Vision Foods & Beverages
East Banipur, Dhekeri Gaon
Lahoal - 786010
Phone : 8876530918
Email :
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