About the Company
Vision Ispat Pvt. Ltd. is a Vision Group of Companies,  engaged in manufacturing VIP Turbo and Xcellent TMT 500 Bars, that can be best described as mark of strength, durability and dependence.  The company has an ultra modern Steel Plant with automated process for Quenching, Steel Tempering and Atmosphere Cooling those are essential to manufacturing TMT.  It is the German Turbo technology that the company has adapted for quality manufacturing of TMT Bars of different diameter.  The company has the certification by EVCON Technologies, satisfying the requirement  of BIS for manufacturing Xcellent TMT500.  Registered Office of the company is in Dibrugarh, Assam and the Manufacturing unit is in Tinsukia, Assam.

The Company manufactures VIP Turbo TMT Bars that not only withhold high strength, but is also corrosion resistance (Grade Fe 415, 500 and 500D). Standard size of these TMT Bars are from 8 to 32mm diameter with fixed length of 12 meters.

The special features of the manufacturing process of the company are

  • Well-equipped chemical, physical and metallurgical laboratories for quality control right from testing of raw material and finished product;
  • Skilled manpower to handle each step of manufacturing and R&D activities;
  • Value of ergonomics in the manufacturing units;
  • Self sustained Plant with increasing capacity every year;
  • Controlled Chemistry and Automated Plants to manufacture one of the best reinforced TMT Bars;
  • The Rebars manufactured by the company are hot rolled in fully automated rolling mills and are subject to mechanical treatment in various stages like Quenching, Self tempering and Atmospheric Cooling;High level of Bend Ability that is the ideal situation of the strength of the steel;
  • Last but not the least, developing a wide distribution network, in North East India and fast  and quicker deliveries to the distributor.
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