Key Products manufactured by Vision Ispat Pvt Ltd. are VIP TMT Bars with high strength and corrosion resistant. (Grades Fe 415, 500, 500D) are available in Standard Size of 8 to 32 mm dia with fixed length of 12 mtrs. The length can be customized on demand.

VIP Turbo TMT Bars are made of high grade steel, with ultra modern technology and  state of the art plant. The raw material for these TMT Bars are the Billets those are manufactured by another company of Vision Group name Vision Metalik. The Rebars are hot rolled in fully automated rolling mills and subject to online thermo mechanical treatment in three stages – quenching, self tempering and atmospheric cooling.

Under thermo mechanical treatment, the steel bars are passed through a specially designed water cooling system where they are kept till the outer surface of the bars become cold while the core remains hot. This creates a temperature gradient in the bars. After the intensive cooling, the bars are exposed to climate and the core re-heats the quenched surface layer by conduction. Therefore, the external marten site is tempered. When the bars are taken out of the cooing system, heat flows from the core to outer surface tempering further the bars resulting bars attaining higher yield of strength. This heat treated structure imparts superior strength and toughness to the bars.
VIP Turbo TMT Ribs are superior in design, feature, quality and offer:
  1. Superior Rib Pattern with greater depth and closer rib spacing made by computer controlled roll branding machines to ensure better bonding of steel with concrete;
  2. High Grade Steel used for VIP Turbo TMT bars processed through primary steel making route, with  very carbon level and least impurities of sulphur, phosphorous etc. while welding;
  3. Tough Outer Surface and Soft Core of VIP Turbo TMT Bars made the Rebar bendable that is ideal for constructional work;
  4. No torsion residual stress ;
  5. Composite and uniform Microstructure makes the Bars corrosion resistance even when embedded in concrete;
  6. Higher strength and Duct ability of VIP Turbo TMT Bars as these are made from high grade Billets with most advanced TMT Technology giving added strength and ductility;
  7. Controlled Chemistry through automated process in the Rolling Mills.
Grades of our TMT Bars vis-à-vis Tensile Strength as recommended by BIS
Grades Tensile Strength as per BIS
FE 415 485 N/mm²
FE 415D 500 N/mm²
FE 500 545 N/mm²
FE 500D 565 N/mm²
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