Xcellent TMT 500
One of the two key products manufactured by Vision Ispat Pvt Ltd. is Xcellent TMT500 which bear highest level of  strength and corrosion resistance quality.
Why Xcellent TMT?

Par piece basisXcellent TMT Bars are sold on Par Piece Basis there by making it cost effective to the consumer. It intends to creates value for money  as it promises to satisfy demands of  consumers leading to reduction in short length and excess wastage.

X-RIBRigorous quality check in Xcellent TMB Bars which are often abstained in many products of many TMT manufacturers.  X-Ribs is  a different approach  in manufacturing process which gives the bars better bonding .  Superior Rib Pattern  with greater depth and closer rib spacing made by computer controlled roll  branding machines to ensure better bonding of steel with concrete.

Uniformity in length  - Xcellent TMT Bars are manufactured wit trimmed edges  and to an exact length of 12 meters each. It means you buy steel ready for construction made of exact specification avoiding wastage and saving man-hour in the construction process.

Size embossed on the TMTEach TMT is embossed with it size and brand name on the Rebars for easy identification. Xcellent TMTs are available between 8 and 25 mm dia

High Quality In-house Billets  -  MS  Billets are the prime raw materials for TMT. To ensure high quality of these MS Billets, Viion Group has set up another unit under name of Vision Metalik to manufacture  high quality MS Billets to supply to manufacture Xcelent TMT500.

Xcellent TMT Product Features

ProcessXcellent TMT is made of high grate steel  with ultra modern technology in the state of the art plant . The rebars are hot rolled in fully automatic machine that goes through 3 stage of thermo mechanical treatment – Quenching , Self Tempering and  Atmospheric Cooling

X-PatternWith X Pattern, the structure becomes relatively stronger as it ensures better grip of concrete.

High Grade Steel  - Xcellent TMT Bars are manufactured with high grade steel. Each Bar carried standard length and weight s per BIS specification. This has been made possible because of in-house manufacturing of MS Billets in Vision Metaliks, another company of Vision Group.

Corrosion Resistant  – Composite and uniform microstructure of each TMT makes it  is corrosion resistant event when embedded in concrete.

Bendability -  Tough Outer Surface and Soft Core of Xcellent  TMT 500 made the Rebar bendable that is ideal for constructional work.

Product specifications

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