About the Company
Vision Metalik Company is a Vision Group of Companies engaged in manufacturing quality Steel Billets those are base line of strength & durability of TMT Bars. The company was founded with an aim for special monitoring of the quality of raw materials used for manufacturing TMT Bars. This independent company within the Group takes care of the flow of the raw materials and supplying Billets to Vision Ispat Pvt. Ltd. that produces VIP Turbo & Xcellent TMT Bars. Billets, a semi-finished product, is manufactured by Vision Metalik to feed Vision Ispat Private Limited Rolling Mills for manufacturing TMT Bars. The infrastructure of the company includes
  • Steel Melting Shop consisting of Induction Furnaces
  • Self sustained Plant with increasing capacity every year
  • Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) of 01 strand (4/7 meter radius) for casting of billets
  • Skilled manpower to handle each step of manufacturing and R&D activities
  • Continuous monitoring the assurance in terms of quality, strength and corrosion resistivity
  • Value of ergonomics in the manufacturing units
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