M.S. Billets
With the massive growth of production of VIP Turbo TMT and Xcellent TMT500, Vision group sep up one more company in 2013 in the name of Vision Metalik to produce MS Billets and supply to Vision Ispat Pvt. Ltd. The MS Billets from the mines with high grade of iron ore with lest impurities to produce high quality steel for manufacturing Quality MS Billets those serve as raw material for the TMT produced by Vision Ispat.

All input materials are thorough cross checked ensuing conformity to the desired specifications. Proper melting and monitoring of all the metallurgical operations are carried out. Controlled shaping and heat treatment is done. Determination of all mechanical and technological data and relevant to the ultrasonic inspection for internal defects are done post production, in order to permit systematic elimination of any deviation. Statistical monitoring of the characteristics data and checking of results are cross checked.

A dedicated team of quality professionals monitor the well equipped chemical, physical and metallurgical laboratories equipped with modern testing gadgets.

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